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Advance 2000 AM18

Produced for who want efficiency in spraying. With high technology, it allows long journeys without interruption.

Fully hydraulic boom It reduces the time that the operator spends to open and close the boom and perform maneuvers at the end of the spray line. Operations are carried without physical effort and with total safety for the operator. 

2000 liters Polyethylene Tank with a polished finish on the internal and external surfaces to facilitate cleaning. Resists impacts and corrosions. 

200 liters water tank for cleaning. To wash the spray circuit (filter, pump, spray control, hoses, pipes and nozzles) and chemical product packaging. 

For better spray control, the Advance Line has several options for spray commands and boom activation. The farmer can choose between the masterflow manual, masterflow cable, masterflow eletric and masterflow eletronic commands. 

Complete spraying guidance and control system by GPS: 


Indicates to the operator a ideal direction to follow in the field, records application maps, measures areas and is connected with the electric pilot and automatic section controller. 

Electric Pilot 

Automatically directs the equipment, assists in spraying, allows the operator to be more attentive to the other functions of the equipment. 

Automatic section controller 

Automatic opening and closing system for spray boom section. Minimizes failure and overlaps in the application, provides savings on agrochemicals and less environmental impact.

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