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Image by Howard Bouchevereau

PJM 25 Motorised Knapsack

For high-productivity spraying and
effectiveness in protecting
the plants

DJB Knapsack

Battery-powered backpack doser and sprayer

Exclusive timer system that applies from 5- to 300-ml (0,17 to 10,14 oz) dosages with precision and speed. Easy, practical and precise. With a battery charge, it allows applying more than 10,000 doses of 50 ml (1,7 oz).

PJB Battery Knapsack

Easy to spray, less effort and more operation time in the field.

PJH Manual Knapsack

Best Selling knapsack
sprayer in the market
has long durability and
efficient application quality.

XP Manual Knapsack

Comfort & Strength
The lightest on of the
Jacto backpack line!
Available in 12,
16 and 20 Litres

HD Manual Knapsack

Robust and versatile, the knapsack sprayer HD is ideal for day-to-day. Available in 2 versions: 16 litres (4gal) and 20 litres (5 gal)


Our very durable HD400 is extremely popular with landscape professionals and organic farmers. The 4-gallon (16-liter) HD400 has an internal mechanical agitator that does an excellent job of keeping powdered chemicals such as kaolin clay organic insecticides in suspension, as well as liquid chemical additives.

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