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Columbia 2000 AD 18

Produced for those seeking efficiency in spraying, with high technology that provides savings and productivity.

With 18 meters of booms, the Columbia AD18 gains high operational performance, being up to 25% faster in the coverage time of the area of ​​operation, coupled with the low kneading rate, reduces losses by up to 22%. *Compared to the 800 liters and 14 meter boom.

2000 liter tank, made of polyethylene, with a polished finish on the internal and external surfaces to facilitate cleaning. Resists impacts and corrosions.

For better spray control, the Columbia Line has divers options for spray commands and boom actuation. The farmer can choose between the 4-way masterflow command or the cable masterflow command.

Mechanical chemical agitation, agitation of the chemical through a polyethylene propeller, providing greater homogenization.

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