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Columbia cross

Robustness and versatility to ensure the protection of your crop

18 meter semi-hydraulic boom, allows you can cover more area in less time.

2000 liter tank, made of polyethylene, with a polished finish on the internal and external surfaces to facilitate cleaning. Resists impacts and corrosions.

For better spray control, the Columbia Line has several options for spray commands and boom activation. The farmer can choose between the 4-way masterflow manual or 4-way masterflow cable.

Mechanical chemical agitation, agitation of the chemical through a polyethylene propeller, providing greater homogenization.

Trapezoidal suspension

With shock absorbers and springs in the frame of the boom, it reduces the impact of vibrations caused by the unevenness of the field, providing greater stability to the boom, better quality of application and excellent daily production.

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