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AJ 401

With favorable wind, it reaches up to 30 meters, providing good coverage in this application range.

Very versatile, it allows low volume and ultra low volume applications, and can be used in several cultures and non-agricultural applications, such as: horticulture floriculture cereals livestock fruit growing sanitary disinfection. They are low maintenance equipment, light and robust. The air duct is easy to adjust the positions, horizontal and vertical, facilitating the direction of the application. 

Lower ducts 

The lower ducts allow applications close to the tractor, improving the distribution of the application. 


400 liter in polyethilene, highly resistant to corrosion. Level display with graduated scale and hydraulic stirring of the liquid.

GPS - Lightbar 

Product of the Otmis Precision Agriculture line with touch screen, more efficient maneuvers with fewer finishes. 

Spray Control 

It allows a quick control of the application volume, seeking efficiency and guaranteeing crop protection, from planting to harvest. 

Line Filter 

The filtration system of the spray circuit consists of 2 line filters, one for each duct, helping with the quality of the application.

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