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With favorable wind, it reaches up to 35 meters, wich provides good coverage in this application range.

Very versatile, it can be used in several cultures and non-agricultural applications, such as: horticulture floriculture cereals livestock fruit growing sanitary disinfection. With hydraulic adjustment of the duct, it facilitates the operation and the maneuvers more agile. Fully automated duct activation. Horizontal and vertical adjustments are made by two hydraulic pistons. As an option, we have the electric spray system together with the duct guidance system, which provides comfort to the operator during application. The control for the application will be inside the tractor cabin. 

Hydraulic command 

With adjustable position to facilitate the tractor's work. 

Independent lever and quick relief (available on the J 400 and J 600). 

Lower ducts 

The lower ducts allow applications close to the tractor, improving the distribution of the application. 


2.00 meter extension duct, as an option for tall crop 

GPS - Lightbar 

Product of the Otmis Precision Agriculture line with touch screen, more efficient maneuvers with fewer finishes. 

Mechanical Agitation 

Guarantee of always homogeneous product, mixing the solution through a polyethylene propeller. 

Main Filter 

With quick closing for easy cleaning. Filtration system through stainless steel screens, helping with application quality and circuit protection. .

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