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Condor 600L 12m

Best low cost option to achieve uniformity and operational performance in applications with 12 meter boom.

The booms are opened and closed manually allowing operations to be carried out without complications.

600 liter tank, made of polyethylene, with a polished finish on the internal and external surfaces to facilitate cleaning. Resists impacts and corrosions.

Piston pump with highly wear-resistant ceramic sleeve. The pump reduces the number of maintenance stops, providing greater availability of the equipment to the farmer, ensuring the application at the right time.

GPS - Lightbar

Product of the Otmis Precision Agriculture line with touch screen, more efficient maneuvers with fewer finishes.

Mechanical Agitation (optional)

Guarantee of always homogeneous product, mixing the solution through a polyethylene propeller.

Main Filter

With quick closing for easy cleaning. Filtration system through stainless steel screens, helping with application quality and circuit protection.

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