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Condor AM 800L 18m

Designed for those seeking spray efficiency with high technology that provides savings and productivity

With the 18-meter booms option, Condor 800 delivers high operational efficiency; it is up to 17% faster to treat a field and has a low crop damage rate which reduces losses up to 22%.

*Compared to 14-meter booms.

Condor 800 AM18 has different spray control and boom activation options. Farmers can choose among the 4-way lever-operated Masterflow, the 4-way cable-operated Masterflow, the electric Masterflow, or the electrical-electronic Masterflow.

Multicontrol Omni 700 (Optional item)

It manages the entire application and guarantees volume is applied correctly regardless of speed variations (respecting the minimum and maximum nozzle flows)

Lightbar indicates to the operator the correct direction to follow.

Section shut-off automatically shuts off spraying where the product has already been applied, thus saving the product and avoiding gaps and overlaps that affect application quality.

Optional Item

The electric pilot automatically steers the tractor for greater precision and comfort during the operation. It frees the operator’s attention to focus on other important activities such as boom stability for better spray quality and higher productivity.

Multicontrol Benefits:

Flow control valve

Much faster and precise response from the spray control;

Flow Controller

4" Monitor (optional item) with all functions integrated on a single monitor, all activated in up to 3 touches;


Greater comfort and productivity that make long spraying hours easier;

Shutoff valve

Greater agrochemical savings and higher application quality with the increased number of sections.

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