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Condor EM

The EM Line was specially developed for localized spraying, with high operational performance and reduced maintenance cost.

The Condorito EM is equipped with spray lances, or you can choose to equip with spray guns. Ideal for localized application.

It has from 1 to 2 long-range hose reels according to the customer's needs, enabling better handling in the application.

600 liter tank, made of polyethylene, with a polished finish on the internal and external surfaces to facilitate cleaning. Resists impacts and corrosions.

Command VAR with quick relief that avoids pressure overload in the defensive circuit. Manometer with extended scale and glycerin bath, providing better reading.

Filter, with quick closing for easy cleaning. Filtration system through stainless steel screens.

Chemical Container Rinse:

Wash the bottles with chemicals under pressure. Incorporates residues from the packaging into the tank solution.

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