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Falcon Vortex 600L 14m

The air in the booms of the Falcon vortex improves the penetration of the product inside the plantation, producing excellent coverage, even on the underside of the leaf.

The Falcon AM14/Vortex has diferent options for spraying commands and boom activation. The farmer can choose between the 4-way Masterflow with lever, 4-way cable Masterflow, electric Masterflow or electro-electronic Masterflow.

The vortex system fan generates air that reduces drift and improves the penetration of agri-chemical into the plants. The fan is positioned to help maintain the balance of the tractor. The drift reduction avoids the interruption of work on stronger wind days. With controlled drift, there are more guarantees for protecting the environment and the operator.

Adjustable air volume.

Main tank of 600 liters and front tank 800 liters (optional), which guarantee excellent autonomy, great stability to the set and excellent work performance. Produced in polyethylene, they are extremely resistant to the corrosive action of pesticides.

Precision Agriculture:

Spray guidance and control system via GPS, consisting of lightbar, electric pilot and automatic section control,


Indicates to the operator the ideal direction to follow in the crop, records application maps, measures areas, among others.

Electric Pilot

Automatically directs the equipment and allows the operator to be more attentive to the other functions of the equipment.

Automatic section controller

Minimizes flaws and overlaps in the application, provides savings on agrochemicals and less environmental impact.

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