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Arbus 1000

Arbus 1000 is a versatile product that meets different crops and needs. It allows maneuvers in narrow places.

550 Fans

The Arbus 1000 provides optimum air generation.

The fan + spray nozzle set offers the best balance between air volume, speed and adequation of droplet size for different application needs.

Articulating axle (optional)

The articulated axle allows the sprayer to perform maneuvers, in a turning radius that accompanies the tractor. This feature allows the equipment to work in areas with reduced maneuver space, providing an increase in productivity.

Simple and durable, it maintains the correct circuit pressure, ensuring the quality of the application.
Manometer with extended color scale, facilitating pressure control.

Fans 725
With 725 mm in diameter, it has nylon blades reinforced with fiberglass, lighter and resistant to the corrosive action of pesticides.

Deflector Tower
The Tower deflector directs the air flow, following the shape of the cultures. In addition, it brings the spray nozzles closer to the crop, reducing the path to be taken by the drops until reaching the target, minimizing drift factors and providing a more efficient coverage.

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