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Arbus 400

Arbus 400 is a versatile product that meets the best application efficiency in different crops and
conducting plantations, helping the farmer to protect his crops.

The distribution of air, together with the possibility of opening individual nozzle holders, makes the Arbus 400 a versatile product, capable of serving different types of crops. Configurable in three ways, we have the Arbus 400 725, with excellent coverage and lower power consumption, Arbus 400 850 with excellent penetration for high leaf density, and the Arbus 400 Tower, minimizes drift factors and provides excellent coverage.

Configured with nozzle holders with shut-off valve or bijet, it allows the configuration and quick change of the nozzles with a simple touch which facilitates the use in new calibrations, improving the application quality and increasing productivity.

Simple and durable, it maintains the correct circuit pressure, ensuring the quality of the application.
Manometer with extended color scale, facilitating pressure control.

Piston pump with highly wear-resistant ceramic sleeve. The pump reduces the number of maintenance stops, providing greater availability of the equipment to the farmer, ensuring the application at the right time.

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