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Arbus 500

Arbus 500 is a versatile product that meets different crops and needs. It allows maneuvers in narrow places.

Arbus 500 offers excellent spraying productivity and protects large crop areas in less time. Configurable in many ways, we have the Arbus 500, with excellent coverage and lower power consumption, Arbus 500 with vertical deflector, ideal for aerial crops, Arbus 500 625 with excellent penetration for high leaf density, and the Arbus 500 Tower, minimizes drift factors and provides excellent coverage.

Configured with bijet nozzle holders, it allows the configuration and quick change of the nozzles with a simple rotation which facilitates the use in new calibrations, improving the application quality and increasing productivity.

Simple and durable, it maintains the correct circuit pressure, ensuring the quality of the application.
Manometer with extended color scale, facilitating pressure control.

Articulating axle (optional)

The articulated axle allows the sprayer to perform maneuvers, in a turning radius that accompanies the tractor. This feature allows the equipment to work in areas with reduced maneuver space, providing an increase in productivity.

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