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Image by Howard Bouchevereau

DJB Knapsack

Battery-powered backpack doser and sprayer

Exclusive timer system that applies from 5- to 300-ml (0,17 to 10,14 oz) dosages with precision and speed. Easy, practical and precise. With a battery charge, it allows applying more than 10,000 doses of 50 ml (1,7 oz).

Jacto DJB has 2 modes of use: doser and sprayer:

In the Doser mode, it has an exclusive timer system that delivers doses between 5 to 300 ml, accurately and with 5 dosing intervals. The liquid is dosed according to the selected time interval. Pull the trigger just once and let the Jacto DJB do the job for you.

In the Sprayer mode, the Jacto DJB has 5 levels of constant pressure regardless of battery level, allowing a uniform application from start to finish.

Comes equipped with a fully intuitive panel. Here, the operator turns the equipment on/off quickly and easily, switches to dosing or spraying mode with just one button, checks the battery level and activates the timer.

Rechargeable and with a single charge, you will be able to use more than 200 liters per day at maximum pressure, with the yellow JSF 02 nozzle. It is also interchangeable with other nozzle models. Recharging takes just 5 hours.

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