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Image by Howard Bouchevereau

PJH Manual Knapsack

Best Selling knapsack
sprayer in the market
has long durability and
efficient application quality.

Its high quality material and anti-corrosion paint is resistant to drops and other damage, allowing this equipment to be by your side for many years.

Metallic Chamber: great durability, it is highly resistant against chemical mixtures that can cause corrosion on the inside of the equipment. with 600 ml in the chamber volume, the dual piston type pump allows work with a pressure of 100 psi (6.8 bar) with the JD 12 nozzle.

Tank: with a capacity of up to 20 liters, the Jacto PJH is ideal for all types of applications.

Tank opening diameter: With a diameter of 140 mm, it allows for quick and waste-free filling.

PJH Doser is used with the PJH knapsack only.  It is a precise metered dosage applicator that replaces the chamber inside the knapsack.  It can produce measurements from 5ml to 70ml.

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