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Image by Howard Bouchevereau

PJM 25 Motorised Knapsack

For high-productivity spraying and
effectiveness in protecting
the plants

With 25-liter tank capacity, 

up to 360psi working pressure, 

4-stroke engine (35 cc), 

maximum 10 L/min flowrate, 

2 technical nozzles (ATR 2.0).

Increased agility, and wide spray coverage will be within your reach.

Ceramic Piston Pump: 10L/min flowrate at 7,000RPM, with greaseless lubrication system (grease-free).

Dual ATR 2.0 Nozzles: Manufactured in high wear resistance ceramic, it maintains exceptional application quality even at high pressures.

Honda 35cc 4-stroke GX35 Engine, a combination of strength, economy, and tradition to facilitate working on the field.

Powered by gasoline, it features easy operation, less fuel consumption, lower noise, less pollution, and the best of all, longer durability for extensive and heavy work shifts.

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